Monday, May 8, 2017

Letter 27 Mesa, Arizona May 8, 2017

Hi everyone!

Arizona is getting a liiiiitttle hot.. it hit 108 degrees the other day! So crazy! I didn't know it could be that hot in May..... but it's a good time though!

This week, we had an awesome miracle! We have been trying to meet with this woman Therese (pronounced Ter-ez) for the past 2 months... Our appointments with her kept falling through, and it has been crazy trying to get a hold of her. On Saturday, we stopped by out of nowhere, and she INVITED US IN! Finally! We taught her the Restoration of the Gospel, and she loved it! She agreed that she would read the BOM, and said she wants to come to church this Sunday! It was so cool to finally meet with her!

Sister Bound is seriously the best! She has become one of my best friends, and she makes missionary work so much fun! She is awesome!

The Lord is definitely guiding the work here in Arizona. It is so cool to see His Hand in my life, and all those we come in contact with. I love my mission so much. I wouldn't trade these experiences I am having here for anything! I love helping the Work progress in the Kingdom of the Lord.

ALSO, don't forget Mother's Day is this week! Do something great that shows your love for your Mom! And, do something great this week to show your love for the Lord ❤️

Love you all!!

Hermana Abigail Valenta
Sister Bound and me!!!

Sister Bound, me, Sister Blyel and Sister Jun at a local Mexican restaurant! 
The manager is a recent convert, and gave us lunch for free, 
and asked to take a picture with us! So sweet!

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