Monday, January 9, 2017

Letter 11 - Mesa, AZ January 9, 2016

Hello everyone!  
This week has seriously been filled with so many miracles! 
Our mission has recently made a change in our transportation policy. Those of us who have cars, now drive to a relative area, and then bike the rest of the day. I thought it was going to be miserable. BUT, biking is seriously soooo much fun! And being able to bike in a skirt is something I'm going to add to my resume!!! Here are some of our miracles from this week!

  • We drove to an area where an old investigator lived. We couldn't find the house at all, so we decided to get out and walk down the sidewalk to get a closer look. As we were walking, a woman and her teenage daughter were walking towards us. Sister Irizarry and I whispered our game-plan to each other, and then stopped them. It turns out the mom was almost baptized a few years back, but just never went through with it. She had golden questions, like, "why are there so many churches" and "don't you think God would still talk to us if He did back in the Bible times?". They're awesome! They asked us to come back, because they wanted to learn even more. 
  • We were biking around a pretty sketchy area the other night. We wanted to leave because it was creepy, but we both felt really strongly that there was someone there who we needed to talk to. There was a Latino Snack cart guy who was riding his snack bike thing around the apartment complex. Sister Irizarry and I rode past him at first, but at the exact same time, we stopped our bikes and said we needed to go talk to him. We went back, and it turns out that his wife was baptized about 2 months ago. AND, Sister Irizarry was the missionary who taught his wife!!!!! So crazy! He was really open to listening to us. He lives out of our mission, but he said he was going to attend our English class we're starting this week! So crazy cool!
  • While riding our bikes, we found 3 people in the DI parking lot. It turns out that their car had broken down, and wasn't running. It was the perfect opportunity to teach them! First, we called a member from the ward who knows a lot about cars, to come take a look at their car. Then, we taught them about our loving Heavenly Father, and the Restoration. They gave us their information and asked us to come back to see them! Right after we taught them, the member pulled up, and tried to start their car. All he did was turn the key, and the car started!!! We know that the Lord needed them to hear our message before they felt the parking lot! It was awesome!

The Lord is great! I am so grateful for the time I have to serve Him! I love the mission, I love the Gospel, and I love the Lord!

Stay happy!!!

Until next week!
Hermana Abigail Valenta

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  1. What blessings, what wonderful miracles are being experienced. Sister Valenta is certainly in-tune with the spirit and making a difference in so many lives. What a great missionary she is, and her whole life will be blessed because of these experiences and service.