Monday, November 28, 2016

Letter 5 Gila Bend, AZ November 28, 2016

Hi everyone!!

Happy late Thanksgiving! This week has been a crazy one! 
This past week, I FINALLY got my cast off! I actually lost all motion in my right arm. It hurts a decent amount, but that will subside soon. Because the ligaments in my arm won't allow it to move, the doctor gave me a fancy brace thing. It is to help me regain movement slowly but surely. My companions say I look like a robot haha! But it definitely draws more attention from people on the street, and they stop and ask what happened. Then, we're able to slip the Gospel in the conversation haha!

We had an amazing Thanksgiving! We had 2 different Thanksgiving meals, and they were so good! But now we're so excited for CHRISTMAS!  Check out to watch the new Christmas video the church put out!! 

The other day, we went to a member's house for dinner. She had 7 cats, 2 dogs, and a partridge (or a parrot) in a pear tree... it was so fun!!  

Cant wait to see the new adventures that lie ahead of me!

Abigail finally gets her cast off! YAY!
(I would say that is a bit of a nervous smile!)

Traded her cast for a robotic arm!

Abigail and a feathered friend!
(Is that the same nervous smile?) :)

Hermanas Edmondson and Valenta

Teaching kids 

Thanksgiving Day in Ajo, Arizona
(This is a picture that was sent to us -- thank you to whoever did that!)

Questions From Mom

How was it getting your cast off? :) Is your arm weak from being in a cast for so long?
It was seriously the scariest experience ever! The doctor had a little saw, and it was terrifying watching him cut sooooooo close to my skin! I only had one cut from the saw, so está bien! I have lost motion in my arm... so now I have my new weird robot arm!

What did the doctor have to say about your arm?
He said it would take about 2 months to get the complete motion in my arm back!!

What is your PT schedule and where do you go for it?
I don't have my schedule yet! We will have to drive up to Maricopa for it though!

What did you do for Thanksgiving? We got a picture of you and your companions that I think might have been taken on Thanksgiving Day! :) 
We drove down to Ajo for Thanksgiving! We had a Thanksgiving lunch, and then a Thanksgiving dinner. They were both so good! I am glad you got the picture! A member sent that right before the Thanksgiving dinner started! 

Did you get some pumpkin pie? :)
Yes!!! But pumpkin pie in Arizona will never be as good as good as the pumpkin pie my Mom makes!

I am stuck in the past thinking about your brother’s missions and how they had to go to a library to use a computer to send email. You have an iPad so do you have to go anywhere to have access to WiFi?
We don't have wifi in our apartment, so we have to drive to the church building to access internet. 

Do you have to write your mission president every week? What do you write about?
Yeah! We just update him on our area, our companionship, and how we are doing personally! I love President Christensen. He's awesome!

When you post to your Facebook page, do you see the responses people give? Are you allowed to answer then back or not?
I have to unfollow everyone that I am friends with. So I don't see what others post on their own timelines. I see the things people comment on my posts, but I am not allow to respond back unless it is for proselyting purposes.

How often do you post to FB?
Usually about 1-2 every week maybe? We usually don't have a lot of time to sit down and type something out to post though :(

Will you get to have a Christmas tree in your apartment? 
We will have to buy a little baby tree! But transfers happen on Dec 7th, so we don't know if we'll all still be together for Christmas or not :(

Should I send some peanut butter, taco shells, nutella….anything like that in your Christmas box? :)

What are you most thankful for this week?
The church just put out their new Christmas video initiative! We have been able to show it to everyone we see. We have had so much success with the video, and people are inviting us to come back to meet with them again! I love the spirit of Christmas!
Check out the video on and use the hashtag #lighttheworld 

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