Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Letter 4 Gila Bend, AZ November 21, 2016

Hey everyone!

I don't have much time to write today! But I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve a mission! I am truly learning more about the love of our Heavenly Father más y más cada día. I am thankful for all of you!

I get my cast off tomorrow!!!!

2 Nephi 4:20
"My God hath been my support; he hath led me through mine afflictions in the wilderness; and he hath preserved me upon the waters of the great deep."

 Set up a lady's tree for her

This is a picture from exchanges! I love them so much!
      Sister Edmondson, Sister Chavez, me, Sister Cloward, and Sister Julian 

More food pictures

Abigail didn't say what this was but it looks like a 
coyote just walking down the road! 

Questions from Mom

Cast off tomorrow? :D :D :D

Do you know if they are going to transfer you closer to a place that you can do PT? You mentioned Casa Grande being where you had to go but that is quite a distance to travel.  Do you get more miles than the average missionaries since you are so far away from things?
They actually don't think they're going to transfer me... they said I would just have to make a trip to Tempe (2 hours away) every week :(  We get more miles than the rest of the mission because we're so far away.. we get 3,000, but we would don't get more to go to Tempe, so we just have to use them wisely

When do transfers happen?
The transfer started Oct 26th, and it goes for 6 weeks! But training takes 12 weeks, so I'll probably be here in Gila Bend and Ajo for another 8ish weeks

Don’t tell your companions but we’d like to put a little something in your box for them for Christmas. Any ideas? Favorite candy? Favorite anything else?
They both LOVE Reese Cups! I'll find some more things they like this week!

Is the person that you challenged to baptism still on track for an upcoming date? :)
She actually has unofficially dropped us. Each time we come up to her house, she sees us, grabs her grandson, throws out her cigarette, runs inside, and slams the door. Then she pretends she isn't home even though she knows we saw her... but it's fine haha

What the best thing about your area?
The stake president lives in Ajo, and he is a transporter for a huge ice cream business. He has dozens and dozens of ice cream pints in freezers outside his house that he saves for us! So on Saturdays (our final day in Ajo during the week), we go grab a bunch of ice cream!

I was thinking about how small your branch is and it reminded me that you have had an experience with a small branch when we were called to attend Monticello for 14 months when it was an hour and 45 minutes one way to get there!
I told my companions about that, and they were in shock! Hey are both from big parts of Utah, and have never heard of branches before they came to the field!

What was the best experience of your week?
I got to go on exchanges with another Hermana to Casa Grande which is an only Spanish area! I spoke in Spanish the whole day! It was really scary, but I loved it so much!

Tell us 2 awesome things about each of your companions, Sister Edmondson and Sister Chavez!
 Sister Chavez- she is so cute and sweet! She started training me the day after her training ended! She is a natural born leader! 
Sister Edmondson- she is so funny! She has a huge love for the people and just wants to serve! She hit her year mark about 2 weeks ago! 

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