Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Letter 1 Gila Bend, AZ October 31, 2016

How was your trip getting to the mission home? 
Pretty scary!!! I didn't know Spanish well enough to get around a Mexican airport haha. But, when I got on the plane from Texas to AZ, I sat next to a Baptist jail preacher of 55 years. He definitely didn't like that I was Mormon, but he said he was happy I at least knew God existed haha. He literally didn't stop talking for the whole 3 hour long flight!

Did you have to pay fees for your luggage from Mexico to AZ?
My card was actually declined in Mexico, so the MTC driver who was helping me paid for my baggage! (Also my card was declined in the airport when I tried to call home, so that's why I wasn't able to. And the pay phones would only take cards, no change.) (Ugh....We checked with our bank ahead of time to be sure there wouldn't be a problem with her using her card in Mexico and they assured us it would be fine. The best laid plans.....)

Did you get the package I sent to the mission home?
I did!!! Thank you!!!

Did your camelbak arrive at the mission home?

Do you know when you will see a doctor about your arm --- how long has the cast been on? Do you know how they will handle doing physical therapy for you yet?
In 3 weeks! Tomorrow, it will be on for 3 weeks, so I am Half way done!!  They will probably be transferring me to Tempe in 5 weeks so I can receive physical therapy there instead of having to drive from Gila Bend to do it.

How do you wash your hair, write in your journal etc.
I am now left handed haha!! (I always wanted a left hand kiddo like me but not this way!) 

Have you spoken to investigators in Spanish yet? How did you do?
Yes! But, there were two that I spoke to in Spanish both started attacking the church, and we had to leave because the Spirit wasn't there.... but all is well!!!

Did you ever get my letter that I mailed to the MTC in Mexico?  I was wondering about that!
I got your talk! I read through it, and it was AWESOME!!! You're a natural!

Tell us about your new companions!
They're really sweet! They're both from Utah and speak Spanish really well. They are amazing teachers! My trainer Sister Chavez is originally from Peru, and has only been out for 12 weeks! But she's such an extraordinary missionary that they already made her a trainer!

Tell us about Gila Bend, AZ!
Gila Bend is waaaaaaay tiny! We actually cover Gila Bend and Ajo, which is only a few miles from the Mexican border!! We have to pass through Boarder Patrol each time we come back to Gila Bend from Ajo.

What was the best experience you’ve had since arriving at the mission home?
We were teaching a man outside his house, and after I introduced myself, I realized that my name tag was missing. I started freaking out and I couldn't focus on the lesson. I heard a voice in my head promise that if I forgot myself and focused on the investigator, I would be able to find my name tag. I did just that, and the man actually accepted a return appointment. Afterwards, we all started looking for my name tag, and we had no luck. We got back in the car, and HOLY COW, I looked down at my arm, and in the pocket of my sling was my name  tag. It was literally impossible that it could have ended up there. It was incredible! The Lord keeps His promises.  

Do you have to be in your apartment early tonight because it is Halloween? :)
Yeah, 6 pm!!

What is the address of where you are now?
(Of course I am not going to put her address here but rest assured we have looked it up on Google Maps to see where she is!) :D

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