Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Letter 24 Mesa Arizona April 17, 2017

Hey everyone! 

This week was transfers! My companion, Sister Anderson, finished her mission! It was sad to see her go, but I am so excited for the life she has ahead of her. My new companion is Sister Bound! She is super sweet! She is from Chicago, and she has been out for 9 months - just a little longer than me.  This transfer should be a fun one!

This week, we were able to meet so many cool people! One man came up to us, and as we were talking he said that he had talked to missionaries before. He said religion had always been the back of his mind, but didn't really want to figure it out. We asked him, well wouldn't be the best time be now? We're right here to help you and lead you to your answers! He said, "You know what, I wouldn't usually say yes. But I am! Let me give you my number. Come by this Wednesday at 7!" ...... Sister Bound and I were so shocked! It was a really cool experience!

Another woman saw us outside, and asked our names. Once she found out we were Mormon, she told us to come upstairs and teach her our message! We taught her of the Restoration of the Gospel, and she loved it! (Who wouldn't?). She asked us to come back, and continue teaching her! She also said she would pray about the Book of Mormon! Such tender mercies!

I am so thankful for this Easter season, and the Atonement of Christ. Because of His sacrifice and Resurrection, we can overcome ALL with His help! I a, so thankful for our wonderful Brother, Who was willing to atone for me and for you. 

I love you all! Have a spectacular week!!!

Sister Valenta

 We found a Raising Canes here in AZ! Shout out to my old Kentucky home!

Our cute roommates! Sister Junn, Sister Blyel, Sister Bound, and me!

Sister Bound and I found this crazy cool wedding reception set up in the church gym! It felt like the masquerade from the Phantom of the Opera!!! So cool!

Questions From Mom

How was your stake conference on Easter Sunday?  Did you have dinner with anyone for Easter?
It was really good! We had one of our less active members that we are working with come! He also brought his daughter, who hasn't been baptized yet! We had Easter dinner with the Courter family! They are super sweet, and definitely helped us to feel at home!

Did you get the box that we sent to you for Easter?
I did! Thank you so so so much! Everyone loves the sweater you got me! Also, Sister Bound loves all of the stuff you out in there for her! She says thank you! :)

So are you in a car now or are you on bikes?
Our entire area is under construction, and they have closed all the sidewalks. So, we have to drive everywhere... darn 😊

Anymore people progressing to the point of baptism?
Not right now... but Sister Bound and I will change that! We have been able to meet several new investigators every day, so that is great! We'll get someone soon!

What was your best experience of your week?
We were knocking on an investigator's door, but he wasn't answering. I was in the process of writing a note to leave on his door, when his upstairs neighbor got out of her car. She said hi to us, and asked us what church we were from. After we told her, she said, "Well my name is Meg. Why don't you come on upstairs and teach me your message." We were so shocked! We taught her the Restoration, and she loved it! She said she would pray to know Joseph Smith was a prophet, and to know the Book of Mormon is true! She asked us to come back again this week as well! We are so excited to continue working with Meg!

Tell us about your new companion and where she is from, how long she has been out, etc. 
Her name is Sister Cadmium Bound. She is from Chicago, and she's been out 9 months! She is sweet, and really likes missionary work, and working with people!

Is there anything that you are needing us to send to you that you need or want? 
I don't think so! Our apartment is pretty set with everything - including candy haha.

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