Monday, April 10, 2017

Letter 23 Mesa, Arizona April 10, 2017

Hey Everyone!

This has been a great week, as usual! We were able to have such amazing things happen the last week of the transfer! We are meeting with a woman named Billy Jean! She says she already knows the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet! She says she wants to be baptized as well! So exciting!!!

We also had another baptism this week! Our 11 year old investigator Mikey was baptized on Saturday! Sadly, he had the flu!!! But, Mikey still came because he said he needed to be baptized in the only true church! So cool! He had a bowl right next to him the whole time hahaha! But, nevertheless, he was still baptized! So exciting!

My companion, Sister Anderson has finished her mission, and goes home tomorrow! So, I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday! I am so excited for the adventures ahead!!!

I love you all!!

-Hermana Valenta

The Mesa Zone! Loves these missionaries!

One of our investigators asked us to walk her dog for her, so that was fun!

We went to the Easter Pageant this week!!

Mikey at his baptism! He said he doesn't feel good health wise, but he feels super awesome and clean on the inside! The power of baptism, y'all!

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