Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Letter 8 Mesa, AZ December 19, 2016

Hello Mother!

I am so glad you guys are finally on Christmas Break! I bet it's nice to finally relax a bit!
I am so sad to hear that Annah and the whole family was sick! That's so weird, because I had the stomach flu 2 weeks ago too! We're all weirdly connected!

Yeah, I totally met Sister Shumway's mom at our Christmas conference as a mission! She introduced herself because she helped make the food. She told us she had a daughter serving in Louisville KY. I ran up to her after the dinner we had, and she freaked out!

So the rules for Christmas Skype are pretty simple. 40 minutes, whenever time you want. Sister Irizarry and I were thinking 2:00 your time, so 12:00 here. Is that okay?

I hope all is going well!
LOVE you all!

Abigail with the mother of a sister missionary (Sister Shumway)
that was serving in our ward and Abigail knew when was home! 

Abigail with her companion, Hermana Irizzary, in front of the Gilbert Temple

Arizona Tempe Mission

A close up of the mission picture to actually see Abigail!

Questions from Mom
Did you open the package with the stockings for your companions in Gila Bend we sent to the mission home?
I saw Sister Chavez and Sister Edmondson at our Christmas conference, so I gave them their Christmas stockings! They loved them! But don't worry, I didn't look in mine haha

How was your Christmas gathering at the mission home?
It was amazing! We got to go to the Mesa Temple for a session at 7 am! It was so awesome! We met as a Mission at the Gilbert Temple and took a picture! We had a dinner, and then each zone performed a skit! My zone won the skit contest! We sang the that missionary version of Adele's song Hello! It was so fun!

How is PT going?
Its great! I can almost extend my arm all the way! It still hurts pretty bad, but it's definitely progressing! 

How was your ward Christmas party where you met Sister Shumway’s mom? 
That was actually at the Mission a Christmas Conference! It was so much fun!

What was the best experience of your week?
We walked around a trailer park for about an hour just simply talking to everyone we saw! We were able to set several return appointments and get several people interested in the Gospel! Also, because the Mesa Christmas lights are so close to us, we get referrals all the time from there! So we were able to contacts several referral families this week! 

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