Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Letter 7 Mesa, AZ December 12, 2016

Hi everyone! This week has been a crazy one!
Transfers were this past week, and I got transferred to................... MESA! 
I absolutely love it here! I get to speak Spanish 24/7, and I see myself improving every single day! 

MIRACLE ----- so, last week I got a little envelope from my Zone Leaders. They said it was at the mission office waiting for me. There was no return address on it, just my name. I opened it, and someone sent me necklaces and earrings because I didn't have any! I don't know who it was, but I am so so so grateful. ALSO, another miracle. On Saturday, we were doing language study. Because I was in a new apartment, I hadn't unpacked like anything! So, I ran into my room to get my Spanish scriptures. I opened my suitcase, and sitting right on top of my stuff, is a little black bag. Sound familiar? I grabbed the bag, and looked inside. It was the bag of jewelry that I lost back in the MTC! I thought I was going crazy!! (Ahhh, she will now have LOTS of jewelry since we got her things for Christmas to replace wwhat we thought was lost! I had also bought a replacement for her jewelry bag but that can now be returned!) I had torn my suitcases apart looking for this little bag on several occasions! I have no idea how it ended up right inside my suitcase... there are definitely angels helping me, even with little things like this! I looked inside and actually teared up because I once again had all the memories that came with each piece of jewelry, like my YW medallion, beautiful necklaces my sister gave me, and a CTR ring from my parents. I am so thankful for little miracles!!

This is my new companion Hermana Irizarry! I love her!!! 
I love you all! 

Hermana Valenta

This is part of the letter she wrote to us....

I got transferred to Mesa! My new companion is Sister Irizzary! (Pronounced Ear-e-zary). She so awesome, and actually was my previous companions (Sister a Chavez)'s companion in the MTC! She is from Orem, Utah! She is awesome!

We actually were in an apartment with 2 other sisters, but today we had to move in with a member! She is sooooo nice! I am not sure what her address is yet...

I started PT this past week... they are really great! They said I am wayyyyyy behind on my regaining the movement in my arm, wrist and hand. I meet with them every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday... for the next 6 weeks! 

For some reason she didn't answer my questions this week... :(  

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