Friday, October 14, 2016

Letter 4 October 14, 2016 Mexico MTC

On Wednesday, October 12th, Tim received a call from a doctor at the MTC in Mexico who was calling to let us know that Abigail got hurt while playing volleyball and that she broke her arm. The doctor said they would put her in a cast for 6 weeks and that she would probably need some physical therapy once the cast is off. He said he would contact the Mission office in Tempe to let them know the situation and they would have to make some different arrangements for her because they wouldn't put her on a bike with a cast on her arm! So we will wait to hear how they will accommodate her once she arrives in AZ on October 25th. 

Hey everyone!!

Well this week, I had a little accident... My district and I were playing volleyball together, I ran into another Hermana, and I fell on the ground.  I fractured my right elbow!! I am in a cast for 6 weeks... crazy, right? So, this letter is going to be a little shorter because I can't really type with my left hand very well haha!

My time here at the CCM is almost over! My last day I write home here in Mexico is this Wednesday!! That will be my last time I can check my email for about 2 weeks...

I have been learning so much Spanish during my time here in Mexico! We had to try to give a leccion (lesson) in English, and it was so hard!! Spanish is definitely challenging, but it is coming along pretty well!

My mom has created a blog where she posts each of my letters, and so to save time, and so you don't have to be notified of my letters 3 or 4 times, from now on I will be sending this general email to my mom, and she will post it   on the blog she created. It will help save time since I only have a small amount of time to write each week.

I love getting emails from you all! Thank you  so much for taking the time to write me! Thank you for your prayers! They are definitely felt all the way in Mexico!!

I love you all!

Hermana Valenta

Questions from Mom

So how is your broken arm?  Which arm did you break?
My arm hurts like heck.  Definitely the worst pain i have experienced in my life haha.. I am on some heavy narcotics now, but i still feel the pain.. hopefully it will start feeling better soon.

 Did the other girl that you collided with get hurt?
 Nope, she didn't even fall to the ground haha!!

When I send a box is there anything special you would like me to include? (nutella, snickers bars, oatmeal, etc?)
All of those things are fine! If you find any lightweight skirts, can you send them??? Just solid colors if you can.

Are there some pictures of anybody that you would like to have prints made of? 
Mackson, Jordan and McKenna, you and dad, August, Tim and Lisa...just anyone haha!

What was your best experience this past week?
Ummmm my roommate and I bonded a lot in the 5 hours in the emergency room. We were able to get to know each other better and become closer. I also loved talking to Dad on the phone even though I cried the whole time. (We think that between being homesick and being hurt she was extra-emotional when being able to talk to her dad.) :(

How is the Spanish going? :)
Spanish is good!! We had to try to give a leccion in ingles, and i couldn't do it!! Spanish is easier than igles sometimes!

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  1. Oh my, just want parents want to hear. I do hope she has a speedy to you all, Joan