Monday, March 27, 2017

Letter 21 Mesa, Arizona March 27, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We had the baptism of our 9 year old investigator! Natalia yesterday!
It was so much fun! She was so happy and excited to finally be baptized!

We have been finding a lot of new investigators this past week! Not much to report yet, but this next week is when more action should be happening!

Our district went golfing today for P-day! 
I am sooooooo bad at it,but it was really fun!

We found this chalk drawing outside! Jesus really does love you!

Sister Anderson and I!

Sister Anderson, Natalia and I at Natalia's baptism!

As the Easter season is approaching, please keep in mind the sacrifice of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Because of His Atoning sacrifice, all can be made right! Every doubt, every fear, every pain can be taken from us by the healing ointment of His Atonement. I am so thankful for His abiding love, and that He is by my side - always. 

I love this Gospel, I love my Savior, and I love God's Plan of Ultimate Happiness. ❤️ 

I love you all!

-Hermana Abigail Valenta 

Sunday I had a surprise text message with these pictures of Abigail with Susan! Susan's ward meets in the same building as Abigail's ward does and she was able to find Abigail and send these pictures! Abigail and her companion, Sister Anderson, are going to Susan's house in a week or so for dinner! I love the small world that it is within the church! 

Questions From Mom

How was the baptism you had planned?
It was amazing! Natalia was sooooo excited to finally be baptized! It was a really beautiful experience!

What was your favorite talk of the Women’s Broadcast?  
I loved the 'certain women' talk! It just showed me how much divine potential each of us have! It was a beautiful talk!

Tell me something good about Sister Anderson.
She is a very hard worker! She loves getting out and just going to work! She's great at it too!

Tell me something good about President and Sister Christensen.
President and Sister Christensen are very caring. They have the most love out of anyone I have ever met. President has really helped me these past few transfers, and always shows me at I am cared for!

What is exciting about the week ahead?
We have a lot happening! We are preparing another one of our investigators for his baptism on April 8th, we are going to the Temple as a zone, and we just have a lot of new investigators we are working with! Super exciting!

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